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Why use electronic faucets

Unlike manually operated faucets, that are often left running or partially turned off, electronic faucets switch off automatically after use. This ensures water conservation and savings on additional water expense.

Improve hygiene: In public facilities with many different users, "no touch" activation reduces the spreading of germs and increases ambient cleanliness.

Vandal proof: Some people enjoy "testing" the durability of manual handles. Handles are especially vulnerable to all kinds of abuse. Over a period of time this causes premature handle failure which leads to costly repairs. Electronic flushing systems and faucets have no handles and are free of handle-related vandalism, problems or repairs. All Kassel products are made of solid brass with some products of one-piece body designs.

Cost-effective: Usually, expensive chemicals are purchased to cover public restroom odors as the fixtures are not always evacuated on a routine basis. Guaranteed activation through the use of electronically controlled flushing systems eliminates the need for chemicals and saves maintenance costs.

ADA Compliant: Electronic faucets and auto flushing systems need no hands or fingers to be activated, making them ideal for ADA compliant environments. The simplicity of Kassel's product activation makes everyone's experience more comfortable regardless of age or physical ability.

Easy installation: With the improvements in sensor technology and the option of using batteries, plumbers can install electronic faucets without the assistance of an electrician.

Prevent flooding and scalding injuries: Electronic faucets are ideal for children and the elderly. They not only prevent flooding, but also have an option of a pre-set temperature control that prevents injuries from scalding hot water. The water temperature can be controlled through the use of the Kassel thermostatic models.